Front window wind deflector



Weight 8kg


 Part Number  7C0072193
 Description  Front window wind deflector
Crafter flatbed (7CP) 2017 -> (as of week 16, 2017)
Crafter van (7C0) 2017 -> (as of week 16, 2017)
Crafter Kombi (7C0) 2017 -> (as of week 16, 2017)

Can be used for: EG-TYPE-APPROVAL E*2007/46*1613(1614)*01
 Information  Colour: smoke grey
Material: acrylic glass (tinted)
Installation location: front door, left and right
Contains two pieces
 Fitting Time  60
 Detail  Door wind deflectors for the front and side vehicle doors enable ventilation of the vehicle interior and contribute to your driving comfort. They improve the interior climate and allow you to enjoy circulating fresh air even when it is raining or snowing. When the sun is shining, they prevent unpleasant heat build-up in the vehicle interior when the windows are opened to slightly above the lower edge of the wind deflectors.
 N1 Enhancement  No


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