Rear View Camera Kit




 Part Number  ZGB7H0057200
 Description  Rear View Camera Kit
Caddy 4 2016 >
Caddy 4 Maxi 2016 >
Caddy 2011 > 2015
Caddy Maxi 2011 > 2015
Transporter T5 2003 -> 2009
Transporter T5-GP 2010 -> 2015
 Information  Contents:
Reversing camera
Rear view mirror (screen: approx 3.5")
Fitting Instructions
  • Camera is IP66 waterproof

  • Full colour mirror with guide wheel tracks to aid reversing

  • Only suitable for vehicles with standard rear view mirror.
    Not compatible with rain or light sensor mirrors.
 Fitting Time  100
 Detail  This rear view camera kit can be installed onto your van providing an enhanced visual appearance of the rear exterior and at the same time promoting increased safety, drivability and therefore reducing the likelihood of damage whilst reversing.

Aesthetically pleasing this kit comes with everything you require to install the product.
 N1 Enhancement  No


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